Safety and Quality

Nowadays, when Ship owners face higher costs to finance vessels, we understand the role of ship management applying our efforts at Quality and Safety of operations and treatment of crew and transparency of costs. We are using Best Shipping Practice to do the business smarter, safer and greener to be on top of competition.

Safe Navigation is the most fundamental attribute of good seamanship.

Thus, our main task is to ensure all ship’s personnel with effective safety management training, based on our experience of sailing in ice conditions and specific trading area of North Atlantic Ocean.

The role of Quality & Safety in shipping industry has increased significantly. The safety issue is typically not disputable, but, for the quality we try to find the right balance helping the operative work to improve quality without overly increasing administration. We combined procedures for ease implementation and reduced conflicting information and paper being given to the crew.

To avoid incidents we use a “near miss” reporting and root cause analysis without accusation of anybody. We have risk assessment integrated in regular process onboard the ship.

We maintain a rigorous programme of audits and inspection throughout the organization, which includes management reviews, quarterly reports and internal and external verifications as appropriate.

Our target and objectives mean that we are continually improving every aspect of our work.