Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To take all means to keep vessels under our management greener and cleaner.

To provide the highest ships energy efficiency.

To provide & deliver claim free product to the owners and charterers in a safe and sound way with a commitment to continuous improvement.

To provide & manage best quality crews for European and American markets.


 Our Vision

–          Reliability of  our ship management services,

–          Experience of our staff, supported by continuous training,

–          Taylor made service  to comply owners needs,

–          High Skilled Seafarers through the vigorous selection recruiting process,

in-house and on-board training to the highest crew retention rate,

–          Highly efficient OPEX management to block the door for human error.

–          Specialized Maritime IT product with 24/7 access allowing efficient one touch  information entry.

All ASM personnel is trained and performs with the above in mind.

We perform to assure:

–          NO maritime accidents/incidents,

–          NO oil spills,

–          NO arrests of ships in ports,

–          NO loss of charter.