Crewing management

We offer complete crew administration and recruitment services including crew payroll handling to assist with payment of crew salary over Ukrainian Banks.

SC “Atlantic Ship Management” is the right place for recruiting MPP specialized and container ships resources. Our Company is rendering a stable pool of employees. We are proud to say that we do this professionally to satisfy Customers’ needs and as a result we have achieved 95 % of ship’s personnel return rate in our fleet.  We are using experience accumulated for a long time. It goes without saying about highly experienced manpower we cater to the ships.

The ISO-9001 selection procedures apply. Apart from interviews this consists of thorough checking of required documents, English testing, medical examination as per Flag requirements, identification of training required by each candidate. SC “Atlantic Ship Management” allows generous time for on the job training and familiarization onboard the ship. As we are located in the area of crew recruitment, we have a close contact to our seagoing personnel. We organize a seminar and meeting ashore adhered to the improvement program based on root cause analysis of near miss and accident/incident reports.

As qualified crew becomes harder to find, we built up a pool of own officers that keep coming back to the vessels. It is then help us to involve senior officers much more in the vessel management quality control and budget performance. Lesser crew changes means lower costs and more commitment from senior officers for ‘their’ vessel.”

Our key elements of best practice in crewing:

  • Invest in training;
  • Invest in development;
  • Invest in welfare package and teamwork;
  • Use an  integrated training, appraisal and development management systems;
  • Use a combination of personal and computer-based training;
  • Use of an integrated crewing software.

We also offer payroll administration services, the key elements of which are:

  • Maintenance of a computed payroll system
  • monthly payroll checking and calculation/processing of all crew payroll activities

We use integrated crewing software “Sea Crew” offering many functions for all data, certificate etc. administration as well as the crew planning and scheduling, automatically matching manning requirements with available crew for the next months. The integration also links up to the Crew Payroll allowing crew manager to check Master General Account.