Our team

SC "Atlantic Ship Management"
We are proudly presenting our team who have vast experience from shipping, navigation, technical maintenance.

We strive to run a hands-on operation and our permanent staff include two master mariners, one chief engineer and one hull engineer who share their time between ship and shore.

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Capt.Alexiy Soldatov

Past: He began his nautical career in 1985 as a deck officer and  worked on a bulk carrier, cement carrier and general cargo Ships. He served at sea as a Master of the ship over 7 years. In 2001 Captain .Soldatov was employed by Cape Shipping S.A./ Greece and working as a DPA and Safety & […]

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Nickolas Grabovy
Technical Manager

Past: Nikolay has a working background as a Chief Electrical Engineer on board BLASCO(the country’s state shipping company) vessels – has sailed on a wide range of vessels during 10 years : bulk carrier / LASH and RO-RO type vessels. Then he served at sea as a Chief Engineer for 7 years on board different […]

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Aleksandr Tabachenko
Technical Superintendent

Past:  Aleksandr has over 12 years experience within the shipping industry starting in 2002 at a shipping company where he was employed for over 6 years as a Hull Inspector for new-building and ship repairs. There he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the hull supervision. During these years he has gained extensive experience […]

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